Our Team


Emma is the brains behind the outfit. She has been living in Spain since yr 2000 and when she's not working for Global Bike Adventures runs a stable with 24 horses.

Emmas experience of working with large, dumb, singleminded creatures overlaps well with both lines of work.


Simon has worked as a bike guide since 1998 which gives you an idea of hold old he is. He has written lots of articles for websites and magazines and will tell you he raced elite in the UK and semi pro on the continent. All of which is true. Unfortunately, he was rubbish, which is why nobody has heard of him.

However, Simon is the apitamy of the mountain guide. His ability to talk complete crap and constantly lie about locations, distance, altutudes and types of terrain put him on par with the best mountain guides in the world.


Mohammed is our guide in Morocco. He is one of the nicest, most honrable and reliable peole you will ever meet. His ability to ride technical trails on the bike he rides is quite exceptional.

Alway willing to help and always there. A relatively new member to the team but already very valuable and integral to the smooth running of our Morocco adventures.


Jamal has followed in his fathers footsteps who was the first ever, offically qualified mountain guide in Morocco. We have worked with Jamal since 2004 when he was guiding as a MTB guide. Over the years he has set up his own successful mountain trekking company but is still our 'Go To' man in Morocco.

If you need or want anything on Morocco, he's the chap to ask..