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Training Camps - Spain

four bed (2xTwin) accommodation from only £100 per week.

Virtually traffic free roads of silk!

There are fantastic roads all over the world. What sets this area apart from the others is the low volume of traffic, epic climbs, incredible weather and unrivalled value for money!

This area is the 'unheard of' training ground for many pro teams and riders. Road cycling in here is a like a religion and there is no other place where cycling is so prominent in everyday life of the locals. If you're serious about getting fit, this is the place to come.

From as little as £100 per person per week (based on four sharing), you'd be crazy to go anywhere else.

Quick Bits

  • Fitness Level: Zero to Hero!
  • 7 nights / 8 days
  • From £100 / €120 / $130
  • Maximum group size 4

The price is £400 for the accommodation which sleeps four. Therefore, if two riders come out to train the cost would be £200 per person (total £400) and so on, up to a maximum of four riders (4x£100=£400).

  • Incredible Roads: Big mountains, views of the coast and incredible ride options
  • High Altitude Training: Constant 40km climbs to 3000m altitude.. Leave the turbo trainer alone!
  • Exceptional location: Cheap to get to, cheap to stay!
  • The weather: I know it's a cliche, but it's true - Over 310 days of sunshine a year.
  • Our assistance: Snapped cable? Bent rear mech hanger? Puncture in the middle of nowhere? We've got you covered.
  • Route guidance: Time, distance, training zones, Watts.. We have the perfect route for any training mode.
  • Onsite gym: Supervised gym for core, strength, flexability trainig etc.'
  • Low traffic volume: You'll be amazed at how quiet the roads here are. You can do a 5hr ride on exceptional tarmac and see as few as only 5/6 cars...
  • Paris Olympics 2024
  • ----2024----

    We don't have any set dates to help enable athletes training for the Paris Olympics (or any other event!) to come and go as they please.

    Stay for a long as you want, from 1 week to three months. However, we strongly recommend booking/reserving as soon as you know your schedule to ensure we have space.



Starting from Lanjaron and heading into Orgiva. VERY low traffic volume from Orgiva until Motril. Great spot for coffee/cake in Motril before heading towards Velez with again virtually no traffic. Four good, steady 45m-1hr climbs.


Heading into Trevelez from Lanjaron and passing through classic, white tourist villages of the Alpujarrahs. Best done on a weekday and when there is a slight brezze from the east or south for a fast return to Lanjaron!


Nice climb into Pinos De Valle then stunning views and descent all the way towards Salobrena. Great ride if the wind is coming from the North. If the wind is from the south reverse the ride so you have a tail wind through the gorge and protection from the mountains into Motril. A favourite ride for many!


Great 'recovery ride' with the option for coffee and cake in Durcal and steady roll back on the service road to and from Lanjaron. Very fast descent from Albunelas and caution is needed before heading into Pinos De Valle on a stunning road with views of the snow capped Sierra Nevada. Easy ride to keep heart rate low and just spin the legs.


Epic day ride for scenary and road surface. Once you're at Trevelez most of the effort is done and the ride back is steady. Best done with a breeze from east otherwise do the ride in reverse and again use the wind to your advantage!


An ultra scenic day with very low traffic volume and incredible roads from start to finish! The new motorway has lifted all the traffic from the old coast road which still has a good surface. Lunch in Castell De Ferro and the option to stay on the coast road to Motril and remove 600m of climbing.


Lanjaron to Lanjaron but best done with a drive out to Granada and riding back after the climb to Pico de Valleta. The real challenge is to go from the coast and finish in Granada. Views from the top are spectacular and on a clear day you can see Morocco.


An absolute favourite with a nice descent all the way to the coast and a single, steady 1300m climb to the top. The ride back into Lanjaron is mostly downhill so you can spend the budget on the climb if you're brave...

Training Camp price
£400 / €460 / $500 total.

Price includes

  • *Discounted airport transfers
  • *Secure bike storage
  • *Use of the pro workshop
  • *Pool pass
  • *Full support/route recommendations
  • *WiFi, Netflix, Amazon film

Price excludes

  • *Flights
  • *Gym membership (2€ per visit)
  • *Items/products used in the workshop
  • *Accident or mechanical failure recovery
  • *Insurance
  • *Airport transfers 120€ plus 10€ per person.

Skill Level

You will need to be able to corner and use your brakes instictively. Confidence desending at speed and riding in a group close together. You should expect to be challenged on some sections. This time, it's not a holiday, it's a training camp!


The fitter you are the more fun you'll have. But that does not mean you need to be a pro/elite rider. There are some large climbs and we are usually out on the bikes for 5-7 hours each day. Whilst there is a support vehicle we try not to use it except when really needed.


The airport to fly into and out from is Malaga (AGP).

The transfer to Lanjaron upon arrival is when the last guest arrives. Airport transfers cost between 120€ and 180€ is per trip, not per person.


The transfer from Lanjaron at the end of the week is in the morning of the Saturday to coincide with the first departing flight. If your flight is an evening one then you are welcome to leave your bags at our base in Lanjaron until you want to leave. An additional airport transfer is 120€ if available and if time permits.

Hassle free, convenient, cheap flights

Flying to Malaga really is very straight forward, but there are some things you might like to know before you fly. And remember, it's part of your holiday so you should enjoy it!

  • *The airport to fly into is Malaga, Spain. Airport code AGP
  • *Your passport MUST be valid for at least six months from the date of departure
  • *Different airlines have different policies on luggage, please check and adhere to the recommendation!
  • *Toiletries, including gels, shaving foam, toothpaste etc.' must be in containers of 100ml or less
  • *You do NOT need a visa to fly to Spain
  • *The flight time from the UK is about 3 hours

When you land

If you arrive early and you've beaten us to the airport please be assured that we will be there as soon as possible. However, for your own comfort and to make finding you a bit easier (despite your large box or bag!) we recommend that you take a seat and grab a coffee in the bar just outside the arrivals lounge.


All routes can be downloaded for free via Strava and/or GPX files onto a Garmin or similair navigation device. Just let us know what, when and for how long you want to be out for and we'll take care of the rest... Including recommendations for coffeee stops.

The Roads

There are fantastic roads all over the world. The difference here is that they are also virtually traffic free.

Many pro team and pro tour riders own property in this area for good reasons. It's safe, roads are super smooth and quiet, and the training options are endless. How many times have you done a 40km climb?


Talk to us and tell us what you're looking to gain from your training camp. We can put together the perfect itinarary based on mileage/time in the saddle to cater to every need. We know the quietest roads, best bars and cafes to stop at as well as the best mountain climbs. don't leave it to chance, even if you just want to do your own thing, let us know. We can help.


If you are unfortunate enough to need collecting whilst out on your ride (out of daylight hours/puncture/chain snapped etc.') we can recover you at approximatly 50% less than a taxi.


We strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover you and your kit. A european health card will cover most things for free if you're from the UK otherwise you'll be charged. We also strongly recommend you keep a copy of your passport photo page on your phone as well.

Cash, Card and where can I get it?

The local currency in Spain is the euro (€). There are plenty of cashpoints/ATMs in Lanjaron and banks wheere you can change currency but cards with chip and pin or contactless is used everywhere. However, we recommend that you check with your bank regarding fees for using your card for cash withdrawals and general transactions.

How much cash will I need?

We usually recommend £200 / 220€ / $225 spending money. Lanjaron is very good value for money with eating out. Drinks and a good meal, with wine or a few beers will cost in the region of 12€


You must have your own insurance which should include helicopter evacuation and repatriation. A search on the internet will reveal a host of insurers to choose from, but please ensure that it includes extreme sports. We do not go above 3000m. In the past we have used companies like Sports Cover Direct who seem to have a good reputation. Other recommended companies are Ski Card and the Austrian Alpine club although they may not include baggage insurance.


We are in the process of finding an insurance partner to offer the best coverage for our guests. As soon as we have these details we will update the website.

Who are we?

Global Bike Adventures was previously trading as Freeridespain. We have rebranded as the company has expanded to enable us to encompass all our websites 'under one roof'. These included Freeride Oman, Freeride Morocco, Road Ride Spain and Freeride Spain. We have been running trips in Spain since October 1999

How long have you been here?

We have been in Lanjaron since 2004 and know this area well. We also ride in and around Bubion, Lujar and Granada NOBODY knows this area better than us!

You'll definately need this!

  • *A helmet.
  • *Medical - A european health card is a good idea. You can get one online
  • *Some sort of insurance policy for YOU and your gear
  • *UVA and UVB protection, a high factor sun block
  • *You do NOT need a visa to fly to Spain
  • *Spending money for lunch and dinner where not included
  • *Money for in the bar!


We recommend a good quality road bike. Serviced and ready to go!


We use bikes with 28mm, tubless tyres for the best traction and to help void punctures. this is of course a personal preferance but we recommend a good quality race tyre rather than a touring tyre!

The transfer to Lanjaron is when the majority of the guests arrive. For example, if 8 guests arrive in the morning then the transfer will be an AM transfer. However, if most of the guests arrive in the evening then the transfer will be a PM transfer when the last guest has arrived.

The training accommodation has three double bedrooms, high speed broadband, Netflix and Amazon Film etc.' It has direct access to the road in a very quiet part of town and is designed for you to relax and recover with facilities for cooking. Bars and restaurants are nearby but CANNOT be heard at night. For larger groups we use a 5 double bedroom Villa with a pool which can be used in the summer months.

Please be careful. And stay on the right! We try and design routes so that you are turning 'right' as much as possible. Whilst traffic is very light compared to the UK, crossing lanes is taken into account when designing routes..

MTB, Road or eBike?

We always recommend bringing your own bike.

If you do need to hire a bike please let us know well in advance and we can arrange bike hire for you.

For the road

When out on the road there are some items you should always take with you as you would if you were going out for the day on your bike at home. Please see the list below

  • *Bottles
  • *Pump
  • *Spare innertubes
  • *Multi-tool
  • *Snack bars or other type of fuel
  • *Spending money
  • *Your phone, fully charged!
  • *Your healthcare card/insurance details and a copy of your passport photo page.

For evenings

A warm jumper or fleece for when you're at the bar in the evening is also recommended.

We have NEVER cancelled a ride although there have been times when we have changed the route. Your safety is our prime concern and your guide will always have the final say. The mountains here go to 3500m and we know them well and as Mountain Biking is a dynamic sport and influenced by many factors such as fitness, ability, weather and other potentially unforseable events there may be a need at some point to amend or change a route or the itinarary.

We don't have a maximum or minimum group size for training camps but it is important to contact us and confirm we have availability BEFORE you book your flights.

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